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Pedro's Wife's Bday

Pedro's wife has a birthday coming up and he asks her what she'd like. She says: You know Pedro, you bin taking such good care of me, I've got jewels dripping from my body, 3 wardrobes filled with clothes, 1 more just for my shoes, we live in a beautiful house and I've got a nice car, but ever since I was a little girl, all I really wanted was big boobies.

So on the day of her birthday a big truck pulls up while Pedro and his wife are sitting on the porch. They load off a huge box, putts it on the porch and give Pedro's wife an envelope. Expecting a card with the date and time of her appointment she rips it open only to find a card that says: Happy Birthday Honey.

A bit disappointed she opens the box and sees that it is filled with scrunched up pieces of toilet paper and starts throwing them out in search of her present. "What are you doin' throwin' around your present like that?" Pedro asks. "This is my present? What am I supposed to do with toilet paper?" Pedro replies:"Every morning and every night you take one of those balls of paper and you wipe it up the cleavage and down the cleavage, then you flush it down the toilet" "But Pedro how is that going to make my boobies bigger?" Pedro looks confused and answers:" I don't know how it works, but it did wonders for your ass"

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