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Oh God!!!!

A Priest had been called to the school to give a talk to to the little kids on Moral Science... Once the class got over, it was time for question and answer session.
The priest asked - so tell me children, "when we die, which part of our body reaches heaven first?"
Little Johnny raises his hand... but the teacher ignores him.
Teacher: "yes Mary, go ahead"
Mary: "Heart, because it is where the love and compassion exist"
The Priest is very impressed and says anymore answers.

Johnny is still raising his hand, but the teacher ignores him.
Teacher: "Go ahead Tom"
Tom: "Mind, because, we can judge from right and wrong"
The priest is impressed again and is smiling.
Johnny couldn't keep quite... he stands and raises his hand saying ,"my turn"
Teacher finally sighs and says, "ok Johnny"
Priest:"Feet??? Why do you say that child?"
Johnny:"last night when i was passing my parents room to go to the bathroom, my mom's feet were up and she was screaming, "OH GOD..... AM COMING"!!!!!!!!!!!

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