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Confession Guidebook

The old priest of the church got an invitation from vatican

He only had a young priest , in his 1st year of practice , as a replacement
He asked the young preist , if he knew about all the services in the church.

The young priest replied that he was familiar with all services except confessions.
He didnt knew what to assign on what sin

The old priest gave him a guide book to consult and went to vatican

1st confession was from a women, -"Father, I stole money from my husband's pocket"

The priest consults the guidebook about stealing money, and tells the lady - "Return the money and tell ur husband, or if u cant tell him just keep the money without him knowing and pray to lord in the morning and evening for 1 week"

Likewise a man came confessing about bad thoughts about a women he worked with

The priest consulted the guidebook and told him likewise.

One day a effimiate young man came for confession and told the priest- "Father a man had anal sex with me (his ass got fucked).

The young priest looked in the guide book , he could not find anything about anal sex
he searched for buttfuck , ass fuck but in vain.
He asked the man to wait and saw the sweeper boy who was dusting the benches.

Young priest ran to the boy grabbed his arm and asked him-"What did the old priest gave for buttfuck?"

The sweeper boy blushed and replied-"Sometimes a chocolate , sometimes a candybar"

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